The Middle East Learning Academy

MELA, מלה - האקדמיה ללימוד המזרח התיכון,  offers a variety of seminars and workshops on Middle Eastern topics. The study process is modular and can be adapted to the needs of the audience as an individual program. The participants are engaged in an array of subjects such as the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Arab spring, the Iranian threat, and a spectrum of dilemmas that highlight the evening news. MELA Seminars are multimedia sessions, put together to achieve the desired level of study, using different educational modules.


Today, understanding the Middle East is an integral part of obtaining a comprehensive view of the world and the way it is headed. Many of the global issues originate from this region and their effects ripple throughout the globe. Resolving these conflicts is a task that starts with a single question: How much do I really know about this?


Like building blocks added carefully to an infrastructure of understanding, the participant is first granted the knowledge basis of the core issues, before engaged in a learning process to comprehend the complexities of the region. Further drill down of the elements that are unique to the Middle East engenders in turn a better understanding of the 'local' perspective of the different actors of the region.

MELA's premise

 in order to work towards a resolve of the Middle Eastern conflicts, education needs to be a key instrument of the tools used, whether on the macro level of the state or the micro level of one's neighbors. If knowledge is power, then offering knowledge could mean building strength. 

MELA's goal

 to reach out to people motivated to expand their knowledge base in Middle Eastern affairs, and to educate through a nonpartisan, innovative, multimedia learning experience – MELA Seminars.

The Topics MELA Engages

The Israeli – Palestinian conflict, The Arab – Israeli relations, The Arab Spring, New Media and Social Networks in the Middle East, Understanding the News from the Middle East – the Truth is in the Camera Angle, The Iranian– Western Clash, Islamist Organizations in the Middle East, Suna and Shia in Modern Politics.

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